• We don't just open your
    eyes to the Mature Consumer.
    We open the Mature Consumers eyes
    to your products and services.
  • Over 108 Million of us have celebrated a 50th birthday.
    Everyday 10,000 people turn 65.
  • TSN Media Group is a marketing and media services
    company with an informed and specific focus on
    the mature consumer and its evolving needs and interests.

About TSN Media Group

A Marketing Services Company specializing in reaching and engaging mature consumers.

  • TSN Media Group’s more than 535 individual brand assignments represent a prestigious client base of experience and insight from major healthcare companies, pharmaceutical companies, government agencies and clinical research organizations.
  • TSN Media Group’s network of day to day connections with the mature consumer, community thought leaders (influencers) and demographic and cultural information - all contribute to our deep and defining insight into the habits and attitudes of today’s evolving mature consumer. This acquired intelligence guides and directs our tactical marketing and promotion programs.
  • TSN Media Group implements both on a local or national basis. We engage with our clients’ target audience where they congregate and recreate - in our network of local venues and social media Access Channels.

What We Do

Defining our client's target audience


TSN delineates consumers according to disease state, emotional wellbeing and physical activity


TSN identifies lifestage factors influencing everyday decisions and practices.


TSN qualifies consumers by household income, daily routines and where they congregate and recreate


TSN’s network engages your consumers within our proprietary access channels and media platforms

TSN manages an array of 20,000+ community venues to exclusively
reach our clients Target Consumer

The Senior Network

Senior Centers
Active Retirement Communities
Nursing Homes
Long Term Care Centers

The Health Network

Rehabilitation Centers
Medical Fitness Centers
Health Fairs
Health Expos
Fitness Events
Fitness Centers

The Family Network

Community Centers
Recreation Centers
Lifestyle Expos
Fraternal Organizations
Woman's Organizations
Faith-Based Organizations

The Digital Network

Social Media
YouTube Advertising
Google Advertising
Facebook Advertising

TSN Employs relevant promotion tactics to create quality engagements

Seminar Format

Speaker-Led Educational Seminar
In-Office Video Player
Interactive Video Player

Place-Based Media

Wall Posters
In-Store Displays
Table-Top Displays
Floor Stands

Experiential Marketing

Consumer Expos
Mobile Marketing Tours
Health Fairs

Digital Marketing

Banner Ads
Targeted Ads
Project Web Design
Social Media PR

TSN manages and executes each client assignment

Program Planning

TSN partners with our clients to design customized turnkey programming that will meet all timing goals.

Creative Design & Production

TSN will repurpose our client's creative assets to create creative related directly to our programming.

Outreach & Media Planning

TSN provides client's with a comprehensive Outreach Plan to reach their target audience.

Post Event Reporting

TSN provides clients with post-event reporting to provide lessons learned and program success.

In-Market Execution

TSN implements our program in-market and engages our client's target audience in engaging programming.

Clinical Trial Patient Recruiting

One-on-one phase III clinical trial recruiting, utilizing our 20,000+ community venues.

Study Participant Recruiting

by Condition

Study Recruitment Campaigns

Subject Assessment
& Qualifying

Programming Examples

Click the tabs below to see successful programming examples from the past couple of years.

Disease State: Cardiovascular

Programming: Nationwide physician-led educational seminar program in client designated DMAs.


  • Educated patients are motivated to discuss health issues with their HCP practitioner.
  • Events averaged 40 attendees per seminar.
  • 96% of attendee respondents rated their impression of the seminar excellent.
  • 88% of all attendees said they planned to discuss information from seminar with their HCP.
  • Program results exceeded brand’s anticipated ROI.

Category: Smoking Cessation

Programming: For 3 consecutive years TSN executed place based media in 125-3,000+ Community Centers.


  • 91% of consumers found the information informative and helpful.
  • 88% expressed interest in additional smoking cessation information.
  • 85% indicated they benefited from the education information provided by the place based media campaign.
  • 84% reported the smoking cessation campaign material a helpful reminder about the risk associated with smoking.

Category: Medicare Open Enrollment

Programming: To staff Medicare Open Enrollment information kiosks in client selected Walmart retail environments during Medicare Open Enrollment.


  • TSN staff in-store for 12,000 days.
  • A total of 180,000 intercepts were conducted with interested customers.
  • TSN in-store staff referred 22,400 Walmart customers for follow-up meetings with licensed agents.

Category: Stroke Prevention

Programming: Reach individuals that are stroke survivors with information about “the risk of a future stroke and appropriate therapies.” Execute a 45-minute educational video seminar “You Don’t Need Another Stroke” for stroke survivors (and family/caregivers) with disease state Educational brochures distributed.


  • TSN conducted 950 educational video seminars conducted annually for 6 consecutive years.
  • A total of 5,750 seminars were executed with 138,289 stroke survivors/caregivers participating in a 45-minute educational seminar.

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